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The Ultimate Collar is Here!


Whatever sort of climate you live in, these pet collars made from BioThane and embellished with Swarovski Crystal Elements will stand up to any natural element unlike leather and other materials.  From sea salt and sand on the beach, chlorine in swimming pools to mud and water in the countryside, these collars have been designed to last, even during the rough and tumble that dogs endure during playtime.  They wash easily with soapy water and instantly dry once the excess water has been removed.  They sparkle and twinkle in the light and sit comfortably around your pet’s neck.


Living both by the sea and countryside, I found it hard to find a collar for my dogs that could endure all of these elements and still look fantastic.  I believe I have found the perfect solution choosing the highest quality Swarovski Crystal Elements directly from Swarovski themselves and a material that has many proven advantageous qualities, making our collars and leads anti-bacterial, waterproof, durable, flexible, strong, comfortable and so much more.  The tightly secured Swarovski Crystal Elements are just the icing on the cake, and thus the ultimate, maintenance free, glamorous, high-quality collar has been created. Read More...